How Can I Upload Files on Firestorage?

Firestorage does not mean that you can store fire now. Actually, it is a Japanese website in which you can upload and store files for the means of quickly receiving and sending very large files. Thus there are two types of online storage; storing and sending.

How Can I Upload Files on Firestorage?


So this is the fastest way to store or send any file. How do we use it? It is one of the simplest things so follow these steps.

  • First of all, go to the Firestorage website
  • Signup for making a new account
  • Once the account is made now you can skip the previous step
  • Login to your account by agreeing with terms and condition
  • Select the option for the upload file option.
  • Drag and drop your desired file
  • Now you will get the URL of the file and you can also use it later



To tell the truth, carrying office work files is a hectic process. Now, you can use the Firestorage for any large file which takes a lot of time when transferred via other means. Moreover, it has other available options for membership plans. 

Furthermore, it also contains a guide to beginners. Do you know that the best thing about it is that you can join it for free? Isn’t it fantastic?

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