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Top 20 Management Software In 2020 – Reviews

management software

Management software is used for planning, resource allocation, and scheduling. It helps the industry to easily manage their work. It helps the project manager and the team to manage the budget. It helps to maintain quality management and all documentation in projects. 

The best management software also plays a significant role in facilitating the members. It provides easy collaboration among different stakeholders. A good software manager helps in making task lists to plan schedules, easy file sharing and helps all team members to communicate easily. This article will give you an insight into the best management software review this year.

Management Software


Basecamp has been reviewed as the best management software & aduk gmbh company. It is the most used software by many management teams. This software has a powerful search tool to locate files as well as communicate with clients. It can be used on ios, android, mac, or desktop.


Nifty is a new-wave project management software. It helps to reduce project development cycles. Moreover, it helps to improve team productivity by gathering all the important features on one software. Nifty has a collaboration with Github which makes it unique. 

Teamwork Project

It is another great software for project management power users. It contains various tools you’ll need. It is quite flexible and includes many features such as task management,  file storage, time tracking tools, and milestones. 


Asana provides management of tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards. This software can add custom fields. The software also offers team pages where ideas can be discussed. Additionally, it includes a ‘Smart box’ where team members only receive important project updates. 

Zoho Projects 

It is an extensive project management software that provides a clean and straightforward interface. This software manages project planning, Gantt charts, and reporting tools. It is also linked with tools such as google apps and dropbox.


It is an online kanban tool which means it visualizes an entire project in one view.  Trello makes it easy to make cards that are easily accessible to users.

Trello management software


It is an online management app. It focuses on simplicity. This management app is usually for small and growing businesses. Projects can be easily assigned to groups and clients. They can discuss, share, and edit efficiently.


It is a software that caters mostly to agile software development teams. In this software, teams can create customizable boards. Within this, users can view any outstanding issues. It contains a robust set of APIs that helps it to connect with third-party software.

Meister Task

Meister Task has a powerful kanban structure with a wide range of collaborative capabilities. This smart, intuitive online task management has features such as watching, mentioning, tags, and tasks. Additionally, it has a  personal board on which tasks from the project can be pinned and organized. 


You can create your workflow on Monday.com. It visualizes and highlights important elements such as time management, text, or location. You can share and work with this tool with your whole team and save time. 


Hubstaff is a great tool with automated workflows. It is based on agile methods. With its software, you can focus on your sprints. To report about the project to your team members, you can easily share comments and share the status of any ongoing project.

Hubstaff management software


Wrike is a cloud-based association and project managing software. This software helps to keep track of day-to-day operations. Wrike can be integrated with other business tools such as Google Apps, Excel, Dropbox, and many more. It also provides the option to transform emails into tasks. 


Workfront is a user-friendly project management software. It offers a customizable project dashboard.  furthermore, it provides real-time reporting and clear visibility of all ongoing tasks and operations. And it also delivers capacity planning and projects and notifies teams of work in progress. 


Celoxis is rated as the top 3 best project management software worldwide. This software is simple and straightforward. It has a responsive interface that includes a Gantt chart view. It’s tools that can help you to track time. The best part of this software is the reporting engine that helps in reporting in advance.  Moreover, it provides drill-down charts, time-phased data, and flexible reports. 

Liquid Planner 

It is a management software that adapts to business automatically. It presents cross-project visibility and shows insights into work progress, risk, and budgets for all tasks at once. Its advanced analytics helps users to manage project performance, view costs, and profit. It helps you to monitor resource utilization, client portfolios, and baseline trends. 


Click-up is perfect for process and task management. You easily customize your workflow, assign tasks, and add different types of tasks. If your work is agile, this tool is suitable for your work. You can easily check the workload of your team and work together with others.


TeamGantt is software that caters well to small businesses. It is really easy to set up within an hour or two. The software allows your team to invite others and they can also edit once access has been granted. The only weak point is not being able to communicate and collaborate.  


It is the best tool to use for different teams in an organization. It is easy to use and manage projects and tasks wisely. Consequently, each team has a special task. The sales team can track leads. While development teams can assign issues and review code within this one tool. 


Plutio is all in one business management platform. It is designed to help you manage projects and tasks. Also, it allows us to create proposals and send invoices. You can also track your time from anywhere. Plutio is a well-organized software. 


ProjectManager.com management software

This is an award-winning tool that has several excellent features. This includes task management and timesheets, both can be updated remotely. 


Thus, to choose the right management software, it is important to look at the factors that suit the nature of your work.  Factors to be looked for includes the size of your business and team. Therefore, you have to determine how many and what special features you require. Using such software helps you to make your day-to-day work easy and manage your project team efficiently.