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Top 10 Smartwatch Apps For Android Smartwatches


The vast technology has been providing a variety of devices to make human life easier. One of those advanced devices is smartwatches. There was an era when the watches provided the facility to know the time. The advanced features have made that ordinary watch a smartwatch. 

However, to access all the facilities, a few apps are designed for smartwatches that you should install.

Google Pay

When owning a smartwatch, the Google Pay app facilitates you to pay for the food, drink, or ticket when near the terminal. So, you do not need to carry your wallet everywhere. If you have NFC, you can easily set it up for use. Moreover, the latest version permits you to send and request money via the Send tab. Additionally, you can also split the bill into five other people.

Google Maps

Google Maps on smartwatch

Isn’t it nice to have a map of the place you are unfamiliar with on your wrist? It would prevent you from wandering around to ask about the route if you install Google Maps in your smartwatch. Moreover, if you are driving and don’t know the route, sticking to your phone’s screen becomes unsafe. Thus, Google Maps in your smartwatch would navigate your directions once you tap any location.

Bring-The Shopping List

Bring is an app that provides you an ideal shopping list. It is easy to use and learn. You can add the products in your cart by simply taping the icons. Moreover, you can create family and friends groups to share the shopping list you have made for different occasions. Additionally, the new version brings updated deals of meal planning and grocery shopping.


Many people desired to talk on video calls when the smartwatches emerged. Now is the time to fulfill their wish by installing the Glide application in the smartwatch. However, to enjoy this facility, you need to install Glide to your phone as well, so there is a pairing between both devices. Once you do the pairing, you will get a notification on your smartwatch as you get on your phone. 

Google Health

With the installation of the Google Health app, you get access to track your health and fitness. You can see the heartbeat and blood pressure rate on your wrist. Moreover, this app will track your footsteps and give you a perfect number of steps you walked in a day. Additionally, you would know the hours of your deep sleep by the lucid dreaming mode.


Did you missed your point and are getting late for college? You do not need to worry, as without taking out the phone from your bag, you can book a ride with Uber. The only thing you require is installing Uber and track your ride. You can also communicate with the captain through a text or call.

Medisafe Meds And Pill Reminder

Using this app, you can easily keep track of your pills, as taking the vitamins and calcium dose on time is necessary. So, you will only need to make efforts at the beginning to enter the detail of every pill according to its color, shape, and size. However, your efforts will be worth it once you start getting a notification about your pills.


If you hear any song at someplace and want it without knowing its name. Shazam can help you find the name of the song within seconds. You only require to hold your wrist to a song with Shazam. 

Water Drink Reminder

If you often face the issues due to dehydration, you need to stay careful and keep reminding yourself to drink enough water. To make it easier, you can install this app. It will keep reminding you to drink a glass of water with a gentle reminder. 


If you have any business account on WhatsApp or use WhatsApp more often, you can install it in the smartwatch. So, you won’t need to carry your phone everywhere. Additionally, if you forget your phone at someplace, you can still stay in contact with your family.


Image Source: unsplash.com

In a nutshell, the majority of people carry several handy capabilities on their wrists. As the smartwatches do not only bring you notifications but also keeps check on your fitness and health. Many free apps provide you numerous facilities. So, why not consider this opportunity and have fun?

Thus, using smartwatches with the right applications would improve your daily routine regarding your health and fitness. Additionally, it will provide you with ease in many daily tasks.