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Headphones – So You Will Find The Perfect Pair

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Are you considering buying new headphones  but are a little unsure of which type to choose? In this guide, we go through different types of headphones and sort out complicated concepts that you should be aware of when buying headphones.

The first thing to consider when buying a pair of new headphones is what you want to use them for. Are you a gamer, a music nerd, a podcast lover or a training freak? Either way, there are a pair of perfect headphones for you. Checkout more with headphonecritics.com

In Ear Headphones – A Multipled Favorite

In-ear headphones are the classic headphone model with several uses. It is the smallest type of headphones and the shells are placed in the ear. If you have small ears, you can choose a variant with several different shells for an optimal fit. In-ear headphones are a practical favorite in everyday life and are easy to carry thanks to their light weight and compact format. The headphones are available with or without a cord, and the latter version is easily paired to your smartphone, computer or tablet via Bluetooth.

On Ear Headphones- The Versatile Option

On-ear headphones are medium-sized headphones that rest against the outside of the ear without covering them completely. This type of headphone gives a semi-insulated sound and fits just as well on the bus as in the gym. On-ear headphones offer a larger sound than the classic in-ear headphones and many models are equipped with active noise reduction so that you can choose which sounds you want to let in.

Over Ear Headphones- When You Want A Moment For Yourself

Over ear headphones are a real hidden gem that has risen in popularity in recent years. We often saw this type of headphone in gamers or in the music studio a few years ago, but now many have discovered the insulating sound experience that only over-ear headphones can create.

Over-ear headphones have large, insulating covers that enclose the ears and have minimal sound leakage. These headphones are perfect when you need to concentrate a little extra and shut out the surroundings. Messy environments and noise that often occur on buses, planes and at work can be very stressful. With a pair of noise-reducing over-ear headphones, you avoid noisy environments and can enjoy your favorite music, podcast or game undisturbed!

Sports Headphones – A Must For All Training Lovers 

A pair of really good sports headphones is a must for all athletes. The most common type of training headphones are in-ear headphones with sports wings that allow the headphones to sit properly regardless of activity. Exercise headphones are also available as on ear and which option you should choose depends mainly on which sport you practice.

Image Source – Unsplash.com

Many runners prefer in-ear headphones that fit under the hat and that do not insulate from the environment too much. If you mainly train in the gym, wireless on-ear headphones are a popular choice so that you can focus on your training without getting stuck in the machines or being disturbed by your fellow exercisers. When it comes to finding a pair of really good wireless headphones, it is important to take an extra look at battery life

Wireless Headphones – The Obvious Choice For You Who Love Freedom

Bluetooth headphones are the obvious choice for you who are constantly on the go. Wireless headphones are actually Bluetooth headphones, which means that the headphones are connected to your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth instead of with cable. This type of headphone can be categorized into two additional subsections- Fully wireless headphones and wireless headphones.

Fully wireless headphones are just earphones that connect via Bluetooth to your phone. The most famous variant of completely wireless headphones is Apple AirPods . Wireless headphones are also available in the type where the earbuds are connected with a cable that you can put behind the ears, and connected wirelessly to the mobile via Bluetooth.

Common to all wireless headphones is that they need to be charged after a few hours. Depending on what you will mainly use them for, you should take an extra look at the battery life. Many wireless headphones today come with an included charging case that works much like a Powerbank and holds an additional 2-4 charges for your wireless headphones. 

Gaming Headset Takes Your Gaming To New Levels

Gaming headsets often resemble over-ear headphones that close tightly around the ears. The headphones are often equipped with an adjustable microphone and built-in lighting and vibration. The most important features of a good gaming headset are a good mic and surround sound. Most games are team games and it is important that you can communicate well with your teammates and discover the enemy when they sneak up behind you.

Headphones For Children’s Rights Size And Volume Limit

Children’s headphones are smaller in size, should have a volume limit and should be of the on- or over-ear model. Young children’s ears are sensitive, and research shows that in-ear headphones can cause permanent damage to children’s hearing. We therefore recommend everyone who is going to buy headphones for their children to choose a pair of headphones in an on-ear or over-ear model, with a volume limit of a maximum of 85 decibels. Most children’s headphones that have a volume limit are marked with “Audio safe, 85 dB”.

Complicable Concepts That Are Good To Keep 

Are you one of those people who scrolls fast when you see concepts like frequency range, sensitivity and impedance? Let us sort out the concepts once and for all so that you can make an informed purchase!

• Impedance: Measured in Ohm and is briefly explained the resistance of the headphones to incoming sound. A measure of good impedance in a pair of headphones is 32 ohms.

• Frequency range: Measured in Hertz and indicates the range to which the headphones play the sound. When we are born, we can usually perceive sounds between 20-20,000 Hertz, but as hearing deteriorates, the sound frequencies we perceive also decrease. A low indication of Hertz means deep bass, and a high indication means high treble.

• Distortion value:   Simplified, distortion value indicates distortion of a signal when it has passed the system. You do not have to delve into the concept, but on headphones the value should be below 1 percent.

• Sensitivity : In short, sensitivity indicates how loud your headphones play and how much power is required to reach a certain sound level. The dimension statement is printed in decibels (db) but can also be printed as dB SPL / 1 mW. The latter measure indicates how many decibels above the hearing threshold the headphones produce when fed with one milliwatt from the amplifier. If you have a pair of high impedance headphones, this should be matched with a higher output power.

• Noise reduction : Means just as it sounds sound attenuation or insulation. There are two types of noise reduction headphones , active and passive. Headphones with active noise reduction use microphones to pick up noise from the environment, analyze it and play a counter-sound in your headphones. Passive noise reduction is based on designs and materials that insulate the earmuffs on your headphones.

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