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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Safety Switch

Safety Switch
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Safety switches are an important part of maintaining electrical safety. Nonetheless, many people do not feel they understand as much about safety switches as they should. What’s more, safety switches are often confused with other electrical safeguards. Accordingly now is a good time to go through the ins and outs of why it may be wise to upgrade your safety switch.

1. A Safety Switch Increases Safety for People

Many people misunderstand what a safety switch does, and think its protection is focused on electrical components. In fact, a safety switch helps to protect people. When a safety switch is fitted to a switchboard it can quickly shut off the power in the event of an electrical fault being detected. Due to this mechanism, the risk of hazards such as fire and injury to people is decreased. 

2. Because a Safety Switch Reduces Risk

The reality is accidents and incidents can occur. A safety switch helps reduce the risk of such events being dangerous. This is important to consider when factoring in considerations around risk management in a property.

3. Because a Safety Switch is not a Circuit Breaker

Although both a safety switch and circuit breaker do indeed provide some protection, they ultimately do so in different ways – and it’s essential the difference between them is understood. Simply put, a safety switch looks to protect human beings from electrical accidents, whereas by contrast a circuit breaker seeks to protect electrical wiring. That’s why regardless of whether there’s a cutting-edge circuit breaker on the switchboard, it may still be time to upgrade an older safety switch. 

4. Because a Modern Safety Switch Offers a Modern Installation

There’s many safety switches out there that are quite old. By upgrading a safety switch it ensures there is a modern installation process which will check to ensure the new safety switch is working properly. It’s possible to have regular inspections of an older safety switch, but installing a new one can provide both a new inspection and new technology. 

5. Because the Pros of Installation One Far Outweigh Any Cons

It will cost some money to install a safety switch. To some that may feel like a drawback.
But the benefits of installing a safety switch are far greater. Most of all, it offers a greater peace of mind when it is there and there is confidence in its operation in comparison to when one is there and possibly not working. If there is any doubt surrounding the effectiveness of an old safety switch, it’s time to consult a trusted electrician and consider a safety switch upgrade to a newer model. 

The Endless List of Safety Switch Benefits

This list provides 5 reasons to have a safety switch and upgrade it when necessary. But really there are countless reasons why ensuring there’s a safety switch in place is wise. Anytime an incident occurs and a safety switch shuts down the power, that’s a reason why a property owner – and anyone who may have otherwise been at risk of getting harmed in the incident! – will be happy to know a safety switch was in place. So if you think your safety switch could be a candidate for an upgrade, look to consult with a trusted electrician and begin that process today.

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