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Is Jake Paul an Influencer?

Is Jake Paul an Influencer?

Nowadays, social media is full of great and fascinating influencers. People all around the world reach out to these influencers. Also, these influencers do marketing through social media which involves product placement and advertising as well. Jake Paul, the little brother of Logan Paul, is also a great social media influencer. Due to this fact, Jake Paul’s subscriber count is increasing day by day.

But, Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is a 23-year-old American YouTuber. He is ranked as one of the most popular influencers who made himself a vital player in the digital landscape by delivering interesting content. Moreover, he gained enough popularity from his younger viewers. 

He also started to gain popularity from his mainstream audience. Furthermore, he was also invited to join a social media event held at the White House. Additionally, the entrepreneurial spirit inside him inspired him to start his own business in the form of Team 10.

Jake offers a mixed content of games, lifestyle vlogs, challenges and more in his channel. Moreover, he also plays and works with top brands. In addition to this, he also appeared as an actor on a television series. Through his success in world broadcasting, he landed for further roles. He also appeared in a comedy film in 2016.

Jake Paul Subscriber Count

Jake Paul subscriber count on YouTube is about 17.5M+. While Jake Paul subscriber count and followers on Instagram is about 11.7M+.


Influencer marketing is a kind of social media marketing because it involves product placement and endorsements. Jack is a great social media influencer. He does the marketing of different contents and lifestyle vlogs. He is a great influencer because of his knowledge in this field and various contents.