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The Best Tools for Proofreading Your Online Content

The Best Tools for Proofreading Your Online Content
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Putting your words to paper may be a good idea to reach out to the world with your unique ideas and opinions. But presentation matters as much as the wisdom of your thoughts does. Thus, proofreading is what helps you polish the content, making it more reader-friendly and intelligible for the target audience. 

Experts of Write-Essay-For-Me recommend never neglecting the stage of proofreading because it helps you take a detached look at the content you’ve just created. Therefore, even if it seems ideal to you at first glance, it’s will always help to go through the material once more just to make sure it doesn’t contain any grave errors. Moreover, research has shown that people seeing misspelled words and grammar errors in the text have lower trust in the writer’s credibility, so why risk your reputation? 

Proofreading Your Online Content
Image Source – Unsplash.com

As a famous proverb says, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, here we offer the list of top 9 software tools created to make your proofreading job way easier and quicker. The list includes proofreading programs suitable for academic writing and blog writing. Try at least a couple of the recommended tools to pick the one for yourself and make it your dedicated writing companion.  

1 Whitesmoke 

Whitesmoke is a highly popular English grammar check software boasting rigorous text checks and detection of errors that many other software tools don’t see. The new 2020 update of the software promises a much more user-friendly layout with improved user experience and better proofreading efficiency. These premium features make the tool popular among the largest educational institutions globally, while millions of students choose it as their trusted proofreader with a good eye for details. 

2 Assignment Partner 

Whether you need writing or editing, the job may often be non-manageable because of the lack of time or resources. Imagine yourself stuck among numerous assignments with competing deadlines. Do you have enough time to proofread every text thoroughly? The inability to proofread and double-check everything properly may result in a serious grade reduction. Therefore, don’t risk your academic performance and let Assignment Partner experts have a look at your text before submission. 

3 Boom Proofreading 

Proofreading Your Online Content
Image Source – Unsplash.com

The proofreading service from academic writing experts, Boom Essays, can also come in handy for all students stuck with the proofreading process or not having enough time for rigorous text checks. Those wishing to bring their texts to perfection but having no time for such a meticulous and time-consuming procedure can rely on seasoned experts working here. 

4 Hemingway Editor 

As the name of the tool suggests, the Hemingway Editor’s purpose is to make you a better writer by following the steps of the greatest. The tool is free (which is already a huge plus), and it is very convenient for students working on their writing skill improvement on their own. The app highlights various types of errors in different colors to help you spot your text’s problems and deal with them correctly. Therefore, it is a must-use tool for all proofreaders who need expert guidance on the subject of sentence structure, the use of transitions, spelling, and word choice. 

5 Slick Write 

This tool comes in super handy when you need an online error tracker. Slick Write allows you to write a text and see the improvement suggestions in real-time. Moreover, the software can give you a much deeper insight into your personal writing style by calculating the frequency of certain words’ use and suggesting the word choice and style improvements. As you write with the help of Slick Write, the discipline and self-control will grow to let you compose well-polished texts from the start. 

6 After the Deadline 

After the Deadline is a quick and free tool for taking a glance at your text’s correctness. Its use is super-simple; all you need to do is visit the website and paste the text you want to check into the box. The checker spots three types of errors – spelling errors are highlighted in red, grammar problems are highlighted in green, and the style issues are shown in blue. As you improve the text and correct the identified problems, the highlights disappear until the program shows you a “no errors were found” notification. 

7 Readability Formulas 

Readability is a critical criterion of the text’s quality, and all writers, from pros to beginners, should pay proper attention to it. It serves as an indicator of how well your reader will understand your text or, in other words, how intelligible your text is. This is what Readability Formulas helps you with; it is a free automatic readability checker offering a review of your text’s reader-friendliness depending on your intended audience’s reading level or grade level. The tool can cover text samples of up to 3,000 words in one check. 

8 Sharp Essay 

Another academic writing assistant, https://sharpessay.com/ is ready to offer the timely and competent help of writing pros whenever you need it. The company has several hundred professional writers in the team available 24/7 for all kinds of writing help, whether academic research support or proofreading services. Turn to them if you see the deadlines burning with no chance to manage all assignments on time; there is no sense in losing points just because you have too much going on in studies at the moment. 

9 Proofread Bot 

Bots have become the commonplace friends of people in many activities, and writing is one of them. Just take a look at how quickly the Proofread Bot can manage your text’s proofreading. It’s the simplest way to get your texts improved in terms of punctuation, spelling, grammar, and style before publishing. What’s more, it’s ideal for blog publishing as it’s not as picky in terms of word choice or sentence structuring as academic writing-focused checkers are. 

Here’s the list of top assistants making the job of writing and proofreading simpler. Use any of them to polish your texts and save the time on manual proofreading, which may take hours to complete. Remember that software products are made to make your life simpler, so here are the nine ways to impress your audience with flawless content effortlessly!

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