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When Music Website “RapGodFathers” Was Raided


RapGodFathers is an entertainment and music website. People who love hip-hop music and are a big fan of such music, they might know about this website as RapGodFathers was a hip-hop website. This entertainment and hip-hop website was founded in 2005.

On the website, you would find hundreds of hip-hop songs. Moreover, thousands of people used this amazing music website point also, it had great content for music and Hip Hop lovers point therefore, the website was nominated in the awards. They won the MTV Music Awards 2011 for the Best Music forum.

Image Source: pexels.com

Despite being an amazingly popular and successful website, the government seized and raided them. This action made its followers confused. Therefore, most of them wanted answers to such actions. So, here I will discuss when and why it was raided by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security Investigation.

The RapGodFathers Shutdown 

The United States Immigration And Customs Enforcement is a division of the Homeland Security Department. In the last month, they have seized the two domains that are owned by the two hip-hop websites.  Recently, Homeland Security seized two popular and most wanted hip-hop blogs. One of those blogs includes RapGodFathers.

As I have mentioned, the Homeland Security Investigation and Immigration And Customs Enforcement raided these blogs. Moreover, the site appears to be under investigation. Due to the claims of copyright violations, they also raided it.

Copyright violations are the theft of ideas.  Also, the sale of copied goods threatens financial stability and economic opportunities.  Furthermore, it destroys jobs and suppresses innovation. Eric Holder, the U.S. The Attorney General said in a statement that intellectual property crime is not victimless.

The Disturbing News for the RapGodFathers Website 

What is most unsettling in the case of Rapgodfather is that they claimed that this site had complied with DMCA removal requests. Similarly, OnSmash faced the same issue as Rapgodfather.

Nonetheless, both Hip hop music platforms now find their daily update grounded to stop, with the chances of their domain name also can be taken over.

When Did it all Happen?

It was Friday, November 26, when Homeland Security seized the popular hip-hop music blog Rapgodfathers along with that other hip-hop blog OnSmash. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and Homeland Security Investigation seized them. Both sites seem to be under investigation due to the call of copyright infringement. 

Image Source: pexels.com

Furthermore, in a post on November 25, Rapgodfathers wrote on their timeline informing their fans that yesterday on Tuesday 23, the agents from the United States DHS/ICE came to Rapgodfathers data center and seized their servers. Besides this, they claimed that during the whole existence of the website Rapgodfathers, have always respected any DMCA request but now in the United States apparently people are assumed guilty before they are proven innocent.

What is the DMCA?

Apart from this, what is DMCA? DMCA is basically a short form of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In 1998, the federal law passed DMCA. Moreover, DMCA largely deals with copyright infringement and its distribution. Therefore it has the authority to seize any business over this crime.

The RapGodFathers Uploads

Although the RapGodFathers website is seized, you may find their uploads on their Facebook page. They have thousands of likes and followers. Additionally, they have recently uploaded many hip-hop songs. I will mention some of them here for you.

  • Snoop dogg feat. K Camp – Trash Bags
  • Runway Ricky feat. Gucci Mane – Switching Sides
  • Lil Durk – Pressure
  • Fat Nick – Renewed
  • R – Mean feat. lyrics Jones – Overtime
  •  Dave East. Unforgettable (East Mix) 
  • Tory Lanez feat. Dave East – out of the center
  • OG Maco – Pigs
  • Reezy feat. Dizzy Wright – Future Tense
  • The Lox – Feel Lox ( Freestyle )
  • Plies feat. Kodak Black – Real Hitta
  • No Malice – Fake News
  • Joell Ortiz – Rap Millionaire
  • Twelve’len feat. Denzel Curry – Human Gods
  • Mozzy and Gunplay – They Know
  • Tony Moxberg and Whispers – Mossberg
  • Jano Gang feat. Mean Joe Scheme – Straight, No Chase

Concluding Points

Rapgodfathers is a very popular and active hip-hop blog. It has been a hip-hop music platform since 2005. Moreover, the site claims that they have always honored any request of the DMCA. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security Investigations seized them. They had to take such actions because of the claim of copyright violations.

Likewise, they say that these violations of copyright can lead to the problems of financial stability. Or, it can also suppress the jobs and other economic opportunities. However, this is true that copyrights may cause many problems. But, we do not know if the website did such a thing or not.  

However, this website has hundreds of songs uploaded on a daily basis. But, they are all seized and are under investigation. Also, this is disturbing news for the fans and the website itself. For instance, they claim that they have always followed the instructions. But, if they seize your data, they will assume you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent.

In addition, you can also find RapGodfathers uploaded songs on their Facebook account as they have uploaded many hip hop music from their collection on Facebook.