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How to Check SEO Page Speed in 2020

SEO page speed

Page speed is one of the essential factors of SEO. Fast loading pages and websites rank higher in comparison to other websites. Consequently, the number of visitors on a page and website increases if the content on a page loads quickly. Whereas, if the page speed is slow, visitors won’t stick around the page and bounce to other websites. 

However, if you have doubts about the speed of your website, there are a few ways to check the accurate SEO page speed. Moreover, you can also improve the page speed with the assistance of a few software and tools. 

Categories of Page Speed

SEO Page speed is crucial for users. It varies due to different factors. However, Google ranks the websites according to the page speed. Thus, there are three standards for the speed at which a page loads.

The first one is of an excellent standard. In this, the page takes less than a second to load. Whereas, another is acceptable which takes less than 2.5 seconds. The last one is poor standard page speed. It takes more than 2.5 seconds. Thus, if a page takes more than 3 seconds, it can highly affect the ranking of a website with SEO

man checking SEO page speed on laptop
Image Source: unsplash.com

Checking The Page Speed

The SEO page speed checker can determine and understand the speed of the website you use. Moreover, it will take charge of all the issues that can be slowing down the loading speed of your SEO page. 

The WebFX SEO Checker can work well with the checking. It checks the site speed analysis, content grade, and URL Optimization. Additionally, it looks after the page link audit as well. 

Tools For Page Speed

There are many websites and applications that you can use to understand and check page speed and improve it. 

  1. Google’s PageSpeed Insights

If your page takes a longer time to load, you must check page speed through this tool. You can simply enter the URL of the page you are using on this tool by clicking Analyze. Then, you will get a complete report about the SEO page speed. That would include all the obstacles that are slowing down the page.

Thus, the report will consist of two parameters. One parameter would let you know about the time above-the-load that user requests. Whereas, the other parameter would inform you about the time that loading of full-page consumes. 

Moreover, this tool scores the page speed ranging from 0 to 100. If the page speed is good it should be higher. Furthermore, if the score is 85 or above it, that means the page is working well. 

  1. Pingdom 

This is another tool that you can use to test the SEO page speed. As it will come up with many metrics, for example, the performance grade, loading time, number of requests, page size, and a lot more. 

  1. WebPageTest.org 

WebPageTest is a testing tool you can use to check page speed. It will give you an insight into the performance of your page. 

Page Speed Practices 

SEO page speed
Image Source: unsplash.com

If you wish to pass the page speed test of your website with flying colors, there are a few tips you should implement upon. 

The Site’s Code

Sometimes the unwanted and unnecessary characters in your site’s code increase the time to load the page. So, if you want to prevent this kind of situation, you should try to minimize the site’s code. Additionally, subtract the unwanted commas and marks from the code to make the page speed function better. 

Browser Caching

If you own a web page and want to higher it’s ranking, you should activate the browser caching. It benefits you by saving the parts of your website visit in the cache. So, when the visitor visits the website again, the page loads quickly. 

The Site Images

Most individuals prefer high-quality images in the content of a page. Also, they want faster page speed. So, for your information, high-quality images and faster loading speed does not work hand in hand. Therefore, you should compress the images as it will impose its effective results on the page speed.

Cutting Down on Redirects

There is nothing wrong with the redirects. However, it can slow down the page speed. Therefore, you should keep updating the links after every redirect. 


In a nutshell, modern technology has invented many tools for the betterment of users when they visit any web page. The tools effectively work on the SEO page speed. All it requires is the skills to use it properly. 

Moreover, you should keep into account the tips that can help you improve the page speed. It would help to get good results in less time. Otherwise, the slow speed of a page would decrease the rate of site visitors.