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Read About History of Asian Massage

asian massage

Massage is body therapy that includes Asian medicine usage to relax, calm, and treat your body. It is usually performed with fingers, hands, elbows, knees, feet, or some devices’ help. There are many kinds of Asian massages which have different effects on the mind and body. It provides physical and mental relaxation. 

Massage is done while you lay on a massage table or a mat on the floor. Asian massage aims to provide consultancy in the body’s inner part so that the body is restarted. 

It is well known that infections can be easily spread from one to another. The massage parlor needs to be very careful in hygiene. Proper sanitation items must be used. Things such as stones, salt rock, empty bottle treatment should be clean. To find massage parlors near you, search Asian parlors near me on google, and you’ll get the location of available parlors.

Benefits of Asian Massage 

In this busy and stressful life, this massage helps you in many ways. Apart from that, your body needs to relax after hectic and tiring schedules. 

asian massage
Image Sourc: unsplash.com
  • It helps you to reduce stress. Overstress causes many health issues and can harm our minds and body. Such as frustration or even acne. 
  • Stress reduction helps you to get better sleep after an Asian massage. The daily workload can cause stress, which can affect your sleep, mind, and body. After the massage, it helps your body to relax and get better sleep.
  • It can help you to improve your ability to focus on things and life. As the level of stress reduces, you can sleep better. Better sleep leads your mind to focus on the task easily. Your mind works fast and properly after the massage.
  • Asian Massages include oils and natural ways that help you to manage your Depression. As body muscles relax, it gives your mind calmness and the ability to work properly.
  • Even if you are going from any mental illness or any disorder, it helps a lot. As you feel relaxed, it gives a message to your brain. This leads your brain to a happier and healthier life.
  • Asian Massages help you to improve circulation in the body.
  • It helps to aid the body’s healing processes.
  • Increase the range of motion in joints.
  • Release toxins and reduce pain.

Hygiene of Asian Massage 

Hygiene means cleanliness. One should always look after the hygiene of Asian massage. In massage, hygiene is an essential part that needs to be taken care of. Asian Massage therapists should mainly take care of hygiene in many ways, such as improving oral care, bathing, and showering care, which can stop many infections.

  1. Bathing & Showering Care:

The most important way of taking proper hygiene is to take a bath or shower regularly before and after the end of your day. It is essential to wash every part of the body properly with shower gel or soap, which will help remove dirt from the body. It can help you in keeping yourself refreshed all day.

  1. Oral Care:

The second important way to take care of proper hygiene is to keep your mouth clean. As therapists often speak close to the mouth of customers. It’s always necessary to take care of oral habits. Bad breath can be a major issue. It’s essential to brush twice a day. 

  1. Hand Care:

Hand care is the third most important element. Massages are done with the hand, finger, and elbows, so it is vital to take care of it.  Hands must be smooth, soft in the case to give your customer a proper massage. To maintain cleanliness, hands should be washed for 20-30 seconds before and after giving a massage.  Keep nails clean, short, and neatly trimmed. Long nails hide bacteria. Don’t scratch and pinch clients. Use antibacterial soaps and sanitizers. Afterward, rinse and dry them properly.

  1. Use Clean Linens and Equipment 

Always disinfect all the pieces of equipment and supplies after each massage. Keep total care of health, hygiene, sanitation, and safety standards. The towels that are being used must be completely cleaned. A new towel must be used for every new client.

  1. Use Closed Lubricant Containers with a Dispensing Mechanism 

If you spill some oil or lotions, never be put back in the bottle. Use the oil that is fresh and hygienic. Disinfect your container. Avoid perfumes, colognes, or such lotions that can cause allergy. It is also suggested to ask your clients if they are allergic to anything.

  1. Use Deodorant

Working all day might get you all sweaty and smelly. Therefore, one should always use a deodorant that freshens up the client’s mood. Any kind of smell will discomfort your clients.

  1. Avoid Smoking

Don’t smoke or play with anything before giving any massage. It might cause a smell. This smell will be unpleasant to your clients.

  1. Wear Freshly Laundered Clothes

Change laundry every day as it is essential. It helps in preventing germs. Don’t use the same cloth on every client. Use different cloth for mouth, hands, hair. Also, wear short sleeves. 

  1.  Don’t Work Sick 

Asian massage therapists shouldn’t work when they are sick. Germs will spread. Therefore, avoid giving massages to anyone when you are not well.

Difference Between Western Massage and Asian massage:

asian massage
Image Source: unsplash.com

Asian massages focus on relaxation and energy flow. Western massage ways are mostly based only on relaxation. It can be performed when you are covered. Whereas western massages apply the techniques on bare skin. Asian Massages are more helpful for health as compared to western. No matter where in the world you are and wondering how to find an Asian massage parlor near me, just use your cellphone to search for it.

Some different types of Asian massages techniques are discussed below;

Acupressure Massage:

In this kind of massage, the massager uses force points on different basic parts of the body. The acupressure massage is a bit similar to acupuncture treatment. However, this massage uses pressure points for relaxation in its place of using needles for puncturing.

The most unique and interesting thing related to this massage is that it can be performed by oneself if you know the specific pressure points.  If anyone knows how to do it properly, it will give quick relaxation. 


This therapy is based on the Japanese technique. A Buddhist priest Gan Jon Osho introduced it in the 6th century. This kind of therapy provides a combination of two pressures on acupoints with a deep-tissue massage. The goal of this therapy is to balance & provide a resume to the whole body. 

Ayurveda Massage: 

Ayurvedic Massage technique emerged from India. This focuses on the body’s chakras, word mainly used for main points of the body.  Marmas mean the points where tissues connect. 

Moreover, this massage is focused on 107 major marmas where the connection of joints, bones, veins connects. This massage is usually done when body pains meet. This is performed with oils, and the major goal is to open and cleanse blocked parts. It helps relieve body pains.

Chi Nei Tsang 

This is also known as Chinese massage. It treats emotional conditions related to diseases. This kind of massage helps in healing and recovery. Chi Nei Tsang means to alleviate the internal organs. Special oils are used during this massage. They feel pain in the beginning but slowly feel relaxed. By searching for an Asian massage near me, you can find many places to go and get yourself body therapy.

Jin Shin Jyutsu 

This follows the simple principle of acupressure. It unlocks the body’s energy pathways. Gentle massages are carried out. The client feels a flow of energy, which can be relaxing and healing. However, the client must always inform the therapist if he has any skin allergies or bone problems.


Asian massages were found in ancient times and traditions. They are still carried out with old ways and special medicines. Asian massages aim to give health and wellness to its customers. Most people around the world prefer to get these massages. Therapists must know what kind of treatment a client requires.  You must discuss all your health issues with the therapist so they know they help treat your pain.

Massages certain only helps to reduce tension, stretch muscles, and lower stress levels. Try to make out time for massages often as it is beneficial for both mental and physical health. Similarly, massage therapists must always take precise and proper measures to look after their clients and provide them with satisfaction.

Therapists must use oils and lotions carefully. The client’s skin can be sensitive and can have allergies. Clients rely on Asian massages because of their ways and techniques. Easy and comfortable ways of treatment ease their pain. Therefore, the sole therapist’s responsibility is to provide the clients with a comfortable massage experience. If, during a massage, you feel any discomfort or uneasiness, immediately inform your massage therapist. So, he could resolve the issue.