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Top 10 Cannabis Business Social Network In 2021

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You are aware of social networking as it has become trendy at this time. People love to connect with others to build connections between them for either personal or business purposes. It is also not hidden that traditional social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are restricted to cannabis content on the platform. And all the small businesses have turned into cannabis-friendly social networks. People are using it as they think they can effectively promote their brand and product with their partners. 

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But still, if people are using cannabis in the business, then it means they are connected with the drug as cannabis – marijuana is a dangerous drug and illegal drugs. People are using it in their businesses so that people who love marijuana can freely use it. 

To run the Cannabis Business Social Network, you might be searching for the platforms that will provide you the best Cannabis Business Social Network for business cannabis in 2021. So, it would help if you searched for reputable business owners who are aware of such platforms. Here are some best cannabis businesses social networks from which you can take advantage and select any of them to run your forum. 


CannaSOS is one of the great social networks that have a growing number of users up to 400,000. The platform is good to get knowledge about any topic related to marijuana. CannaSOS has more than 950 business pages and 315,000 users registered on their page. 

When you open the page, you will find multiple categories to choose from to get specific knowledge. The types include Feeds, Dispensaries, Advice, Strains, News, and more. For more updates, you can check to trend articles as well. You can register yourself for a regular update regarding it. 

Leaf Wire

Leaf Wire is also a great platform to look at when it comes to social networks. On this platform, you will find information regarding news, strategies and find more customers. You can find investors for your cannabis business ideas, and investors can find new investment projects to run their field effectively. For this, you may look for the employees so that they can work on this project. If you want to run the first marijuana business, you can visit the website and register it. 

You can quickly fill out the form of registration that will surely help you run a compelling business idea for you as a beginner or an old user. Just open the site once and check some essential things in it for the best significant results. 

Cannabis Pros

To connect the professional in the cannabis industry, this platform is a great choice to look into. As it is a social network, then you must need to stay connected with social media. In the Cannabis Pros, you can post updates, jobs, and anything that you need to know. For a successful result, you have to go through the site effectively. 

It would help if you shared original news and thoughts here to build a successful relationship in the world of cannabis. So, let’s connect with others and make your place in the industry that is famous nowadays. 

Weed Maps 

Many users are already connected in Weed Maps to find the best strains, local stores, and dispensaries on the website. It is widespread and prominent in the social networks for Cannabis Business Social Network lovers. If you are new to this platform, you can register yourself and get information about brands, reviews of strains, and business. 

For the latest updates about the site, you can visit the page. It will surely give you more information that you are looking for. Dispensary regions are also mentioned on the site, so choose as per your area. It will be more relevant to get assistance from it. Thoroughly go through the page for more useful knowledge and updates. 

Cannabis Business Social Network

Smoke Network is the first decentralized cannabis social network based on Blockchain. The creators of 420.smokers.us develop the site, and they have gained more than 500,000 fans. The best thing is that they promote their business without being banned. It is effortless to join the network as it is free to use. People used it without any restrictions. 

Cannabis Business Social Network
Image Source – Unsplash.com

There is a big difference in the USA, where cannabis is legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia is still considered a Schedule 1 drug, alongside heroin, ecstasy, and LSD by the DEA. The website offers cryptocurrency Smoke Coins to its users who participate as a part of the reward pool. This was done among the active participants. Whether you are aware of it or not, you must look at this and start taking benefits from the website.


Weldable is an online platform that allows you to post, follow, and shop directly from it. This is the site that specialized in this social network, which is suitable for marijuana users and cannabis businesses. If you are already registered there, you can run your profile on your own and update your followers regarding the latest products and news. 

This site also allows you to connect with the cannabis business social networt brand and chat with them to know who is again using your favorite product, and they think about it. The most exciting thing about this site is that it will release a mobile app to make it more accessible for users. 


LinkedIn is the most common and most extensive platform for a social network that people are using to posting and finding jobs, contacting each other, and being in each other’s connection. There are many groups, and people are using LinkedIn to promote their Cannabis Business Social Network industry. If you are new to this and still not aware of such sites, you can connect here, where many people are collaborating. 

On LinkedIn, you will find multiple business owners who are running their work with different strategies and ideas. This will be a useful observation for both beginners and old users. If you haven’t login to the social networking site, then whom are you waiting for? Just start exploring it. 

MJ Link

MJ Link is a cannabis social network that is almost similar to LinkedIn. Whether you want to grow your business with manufacturers, growers, sellers, traders, lawyers, or any other, here you can connect. It is a business social network that everyone loves to join it. Not only customers can join the group, but also to connect each or to know each other. 

MJLink is in partnership with WeedLife, and together the two cannabis social networks attract over 2.5 million users per month. In this platform, business owners will be expected to pay $10 per 1,000 views of their profiles.


WeedCircles is based on a cannabis theme that is a combination of LinkedIn and Google plus. Any marijuana users or business owners can sign up for free registration and connect friends, clients, or partners. As it is almost similar to WeedLife, so you will have many similar features in it. 

If you are a brand based on the cannabis industry or want to promote your business, this platform is all you need. Don’t worry; you will enjoy having connections with others who also love using marijuana or cannabis. Moreover, keep in mind that all the purpose is to build relationships through the social network and effectively run the business. 

420 Magazine Forum 

This magazine forum is also connected with social networks. We all know that it is the most popular and recommendable platform for cannabis lovers and cannabis business owners. This site has multiple categories of issues that are common nowadays. Their discussion has inspired older adults, but the young generation is also taking part in it. Topics range from growing, using, meetings of different strains to policies, and legal matters related to cannabis.

This is a magazine website that is beneficial for the business owners of the cannabis industry. So, start connecting with others through this platform and enjoy your great time with your exciting connection. 


These are the top best cannabis business social networks that can be used. For building a great connection with others, you can choose any of the above-shown platforms. All are best in their way that is inspiring users. Before making any decision, you can first check all the above sites; identify its features, design, and other essentials, so decide which is the most excellent platform to look for. Your decision will be based on your business (whether it is a startup or a reputed firm). So, decide the best option for you and become the most famous person in the cannabis industry.

Stay connected for the latest update regarding the cannabis industry that has amazed many users and businesses in and outside the country.

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