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Create your Own Game Like @wishrblx?


Do you want to create your own game but wondering if it is possible? Well yes, in this article I am going to show you how you can create your own game.

Besides this, people are confused about how they can start making their own games. If you are one of them, you should continue reading. Also, I have added some information about @wishrblx that does the same thing.

Basic Steps For Beginners 


Here are some basic ways for a beginner to make their own game

  1. Create the Basics
  2. Object Settings and Collision Shapes
  3. Building Your First Levels
  4. Make It Unique
  5. Logics and Action Figures
  6. Game Sounds and Animated Menus
  7. Make Multiple Game Modes
  8. Multiple Characters and Coin Shops
  9. Export
  10. Hacks, Tips, and Tricks

The Roblox Builder – @wishrblx 


@wishrblx is formerly known as WishNite. He is an awesome Roblox builder. Moreover, he is best known as the creator of the Pokemon project. Additionally, he is also the founder of the project Pokemon community.

End Point

Many people want to develop their own games. Thus, if you use the terms which are mentioned above, you can start making your own.

Furthermore, I would say that you should also consider one more aspect. Like, you should always polish your game. Eventually, you will find that every successful game is polished in some way. Besides this, you can also see some tricks at @wishrblx.