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Do Food Delivery Riders Eat Your Food On The Way?

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It is difficult to ignore the scent of a stunning meal— especially if it belongs to another human. That at least is the suggestion of a recent study, which found that almost 30% of drivers snack from their food. The US Foods study, which provides food delivery for restaurants, collected information from nearly 500 food delivery and over 1,500 U.S. consumers who order apps like DoorDash, Postmates, and UberEats.

Have you ordered large fries on UberEats with your burger, but do you feel a little less than huge when opening the bag to dig in fried fries?  As a result, the delivery person is worriedly likely to be entangled in some of them on the road to your house, 28 percent of delivery drivers said in a recently published US Foods survey they have taken food from delivery orders.

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A recent survey showed that almost 30% of the drivers require their food to be gnashed before they drop their meal. After food supply distributor US Foods questioned about 500 food supply drivers and 1,500 clients who order their “habits and pain points” via apps, the nausea-inducing findings emerged.

Have you ever wondered if the driver had previously handled your food? How doesn’t the pizza guy take a bit of pizza and lose control? I would be tempted to take a slice when I drove a delivery with a big pepperoni pizza. And, maybe eat the knots of garlic. The guy must be a bit slack, he’s got to drive the scent of pizza there, just haunting him. This requires serious skills. But what if you lose control and eat pizza with your driver?

Representatives between the ages of 18 and 77 with a median age of 31. Drivers with at least one food supply application recorded a median age of 30. The company asked both groups about their “customs and pain points” in order to better understand the process of buying and distributing meals. Of these drivers surveyed, 54% agreed that they were tempted by the smell of customer’s food, and around half of the drivers actually took an injection.

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“We’re sorry to report that at times, the driving forces get the best of the suppliers, and their sacred duties are breached by taking some of the food.”

When asked if your driver wanted any fries, the average customer response was 8.4 out of 10— 1 was “no great deal” and 10 was “absolutely unacceptable.” “No big deal.”

To address the issue, 85% of customers suggested adding obvious labels or packets that are usually in the form of an adhesive seal to the question. There are plans in place for some delivery services.

Postmates told NPR that less than 0.06% of the complaints it receives are food-tamping events. Nevertheless, “Any person who makes a supply through Postmates specifically agrees to the degree that any foodstuffs and goods supplied come in the form of flawless items, in accordance with all relevant legislation on food safety and health.”

Doordash advises its drivers not to open or exploit food containers in any way. If a client reports food violations, the company says that the driver’s account will be switched off. Ultimately, food delivery restaurants are a growing industry that transforms the way people eat. In 2018, UBS found an average of 40 most-downloaded apps in key markets in food delivery platforms.

“We assume that by 2030 the vast majority of meals that are cooked at home could instead be ordered online and supplied from restaurants or central kitchens,” says UBS.