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Why KissAnime is a Popular Anime Website?


Those days are gone when people used to wait, sit, and watch things on television, whether it’s their type or not. In this digital world, we humans have got so many privileges Including, to decide what type of shows we want to stream online. So, to help, KissAnime is here to entertain people With a big variety of stuff that every person of any age can take advantage of.

Initially, it was only available to the localities, but then it got public recognition and is used worldwide.

We all know that nowadays the individuals are in grip of watching cool tv-series/shows and films. However, the animated shows are something that has captured not only the kid’s attention but teenagers’ and older people’s too.

If you’re wondering of a rundown of KissAnime alternatives to enjoy Anime online, this is the exact article you are looking for. Furthermore, this article acknowledges everything associated with Kissanime and a few worthy alternatives.

Evolution of the KissAnime Website

The fever of watching anime is spreading everywhere around the globe. The designer launched it in 2012. Afterward, it initially began in Japan. Eventually, it expanded worldwide. However, the Japanese anime vibe has affected the people by making it an addiction.

Alternatives to the Website

KissAnime is the foremost popular site to vibe up anime. It provides alternative sites too. Those who watch this already know that some years back KissAnime website servers went down. Because of that users faced plenty of issues.

 people got hustled as they’re so into their favorite shows, but then their pioneers brought it back in service, and the viewers are more than happy to turn their faces back on screen. As a thing gets famous People to try to copy that and kissAnime has got that doppelganger to Rob people of their accounts and disrupt the quality of their service but original kissAnime has moved a bit in its fame.

Image Source: unsplash.com

 However, many users found alternatives to free streaming service platforms, and that’s commendable as viewers get distracted when such hackers appear. So, they can continue following their favorite anime episodes.

Video Quality

Kissanime is a popular website among anime lovers. This amazing website provides you with easy accessibility to various range of anime shows. The programs that you prefer to watch are free in exceptional picture quality. So, you can watch the episodes in video quality 240p to 1080p. 

Therefore, if you want to observe the right streaming and HD video quality, nothing beats KissAnime. As it’s one of the most effective qualities that take this website higher.

Subtitles and Genres

Things have become easier as they have a corner for genres. Where we can put our preferences and select from a wide range of superb Hollywood shows, this even helps to discover plenty of shows, that one is unaware of and can even check the top watched shows too.

This brilliant website serves you with the simplest English subtitled anime in HD. Moreover, it provides you with a large range of categories to decide the genre. The genres include; comedy, horror, romance, fighting, adventure, and plenty more. Thus, it is the best working website for anime lovers, and you can experience many advantages through this application.

Top Most Categories

KissAnime provides you with the list of top most categories. So that you can stay in touch with the latest trend going in the word. That are mentioned below;

  1. Romance
  2. Comedy
  3. Thriller
  4. War
  5. Adventure
  6. Horror
  7. Fantasy
  8. Magic
  9. Supernatural
  10. Cartoon
  11. Martial Arts

And many more.

So, whether you are a child, adult, or older adult, you can watch your favorite show as per your wish. If you want to enjoy the shows with family or friends, you have got the opportunity of selecting the episode and downloading it. Moreover, you can vibe in making it a home theatre and have a great evening.

  1. Downloading process

One doesn’t need to remain online for hours to watch it, as it can even download shows in minutes and one can watch it at any hour when they want to. Nor do they remove their stuff, that one misses the most awaited episode of their season.

Moreover, KissAnime is a streaming website that’s used as the easiest way to watch Anime online, with a facility to download your favorite episodes of the Anime you’re following. Although, it’s for free.

Here we’ll provide you the simple steps to download episodes in KissAnime. You don’t have to worry about steps to download your favorite anime episodes anymore. These steps can be applied to both mobile devices and PC.

kissanime website

First, of all, you need to search any of the anime series through “Advanced search options” or “Categories” that you want to download. Once you are done with that, you have to click the title of the series that you are going to download. It’ll take you to a page with a list of every episode which contains more anime titles to select the particular episode that requires downloading.

Furthermore, you will be asked to verify that you are no robot, by answering a question. After you answer correctly, you will move to a page that will ask for player online streaming. Nextly, you’ll have to scroll down till you reach the bottom. As you reach the end, you’ll go through a choice of Download/Mobile. The next step is to select the option that says ‘save link as’.

Moving forward to the process, select the video resolution you want, and choose a location where you want to see your file saved. If you have already installed the download manager, right-click any of the video quality you like. After that, select the copy link address option and paste it on the download section of the download manager.

That’s how you are ready to watch your episodes without any internet disturbance. With the facility of downloading them.


Due to the free platforms like KissAnime, people now have direct access to this website on their phones. Also, they can access more than one device to watch anime, movies, cartoons, and other stuff.

Moreover, KissAnime is the easiest free alternative to premium anime sites. It is accessible to windows. Plus, you can download it on your mobile device as well because it’s a mobile-friendly website. 


These days, people are bringing innovations to make the world easier at your touch of fingertips, less to do things, and money matters have always played a lead in such things. Here in KissAnime, it’s just a download away and that too out of cost, yes, It’s free of any amount. There are plenty of platforms that require one to pay monthly to get premium services but kissAnime only asks us to download it once and get a lifetime free amusement

Secure Website

People have been inquiring about the security of this website. Do they inquire if KissAnime prevents viruses or not? Does it damage the windows or software of a device?

So, in keeping with many user feedbacks, we get to know that KissAnime is safe to use with no viruses related to its usage.

KissAnime website doesn’t have any virus and neither it contains any quit spam and malware content too. So, if you’re an anime lover then you can use this website very easily without any concern about the virus. Most significantly, it is observed that the official Kissanime.ru is a totally safe website to use.

Legality Assured

If you’re wondering whether KissAnime is legal or not, it completely is. Every single show or content that’s updated is legal and doesn’t contain any reasonably illegal or pirated content. So,  many times several people require a troublesome time understanding it. This enables you to stream at no cost, so you should n’t necessarily worry about any further insecurities.

Account Requirements

The question that people ask frequently includes information about account requirements. Do they ask if it is necessary to make an account to watch or download any episode? The answer to this is that there’s no need to create an account to vibe in the video.

 If you are willing to join, the only thing that matters is to manage your favorite videos. You should be able to make folders and to list down all the various series you want to watch. You can share it easily with your friends through email. However,  signing in and creating an account is best because you can be notified through email when your favorite series is updated. Not only that, but you can share your videos and join discussions as well.

Reviews About KissAnime

Being one amongst the most effective leads to people saying a bunch of things about it. people have plenty to mention about this website. Some adore it, others, however, are slightly annoyed at the very fact that it gets taken down often for various reasons and other gaps that it does have. Here is what some users have to say about it.

Viewers like Stephan Bailey give reviews considering it saving grace. As he enjoys dubbed episodes with subtitles. Furthermore, Natalia Hillz is thought to be disappointed by the constant ads of this website, but as we move forward to the satisfied viewers, George Carlson is glad to possess all the content of his fav shows in English.

 It is considered to be more satisfying in comparison to its disappointments. As Mr. Harry Long is understood to be enjoying the list of excessive anime videos, he seems to be bothered by the disturbance of the loading within the home page and it’s a selected browser but still, he considers it as a decent choice for having the ability to look at dubbed anime.


All these things are necessary for you to understand as a user of streaming sites.


Kissanime is the most well known online streaming site for watching online anime series and films. This site contains a large collection of anime series with dubbed and subbed versions. Although it provides higher video quality in HD.

Moreover, KissAnime users need to be very cautious as several website authors created a mirror website of the initial site. The mirror website doesn’t provide access to all of the content that includes the latest release of anime movies or shows.

Furthermore, in case of this website going down again, it facilitates you as well, that If this site isn’t functioning on your device then you can continue following your favorite episodes on any of the similar sites like Kissanime. These sites are also well-designed and work similarly to the KissAnime. Their features are almost identical and are safe to use.

Hopefully, this text must have given answers to your every query