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Ways to Watch Online Free BobMovies and Free TV Show


People watch movies to get relaxation in this stressful world. Movies help them to get a perfect getaway from their everyday life. Movies give us feelings of thrill, sadness, joy, fear, etc.  They give a better understanding of hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Watching movies also helps us to fantasize about what someone would do if they were in that situation. Furthermore, movies groom us in their way and leave some positive impact on our minds. 

Nowadays psychologists suggest movies to their patients as therapy hence they select genres according to their patients’ condition. Therefore, movies do help us to cope with our stress and bring us a sense of relief. Movies are just about getting entertainment and excitement on cozy weekends with a bowl of popcorn. Neuroscientists at New York University have found that those who watch movies have more brain activity than others. In other words, watching movies is healthy.

In this busy and modern era, online movies are best for movie lovers as they save your time and money both. People are so busy in their everyday life and tough schedule that they don’t have time to go to cinemas or theaters but on the other hand, they can get entertained by watching movies online. BobMovies is the best website to visit for online movie streaming and TV shows providing you with unlimited data of movies. Below are the features and favors this site provides for its users let’s check them out.

About BobMovies

It is one of the most visited piracy websites that provide viewers with an extensive list of movies, TV shows, and web series.  This site has a huge collection of latest and old movies in several languages like Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tamil. It provides high-quality movies in HD ranging from 360P to 720P. It is free to use a website designed specifically for those who enjoy watching movies and series but have a low internet connection. The website is easy to use on both computers and cell phones and free of cost.


BobMovies is fast in buffering, unlike other websites that take forever to load their videos, hence it gives you a great movie watching experience. It has a huge database for your favorite movies. This is a very popular downloading site and millions of people are using it to watch free movies. More than 2 million people visit this site according to Cutester.com. 

Best Features

Free of Cost

Since this site is free so it is perfect for those who want to enjoy themselves and do not want their pockets to get empty. It provides free HD streaming movies for free even for those who have a poor internet connection. For those who love watching movies and are insane about them and cannot manage high ticket costs for cinema this site provides ease.  This site gives you the best picture quality even of the latest movies free of any expense as you know people do not like watching movies with bad picture quality.

Exploring Categories

It provides with multiple options to explore your favorite movie categories and also has the following characters

  1. Advanced search box
  2. Movies by data
  3. Sort movies by year
  4. Sort movies by name 

The exploring option unlocks your knowledge of released movies and you get to know about more and latest and greatest movies of all time. It is one of the greatest features of this site, here you can search movies alphabetically from A-Z. Moreover, even if the show or movie starts with numeric you can search numerically also to get a list of movies.


Most of the online movie watching sites ask for your email information but guess which website does not require this information? It is none other than BobMovies. Thus you can watch your favorite shows and movies easily without providing any personal information.

Advanced Recommendation

It provides the suggestion of new movies and TV shows based on the user’s interests and taste in a genre using its advanced recommendation technique. This site figures out automatically the personality and taste of a user and then suggests titles according to their interests which is a highly advanced method. As a result, you get what you want.


It keeps updating daily so that its users may not have any issues or hurdles while streaming the movies.


Movie lovers will be happy to hear that this site also provides the downloading option for them. Moreover, you can download these movies in less time and also your cell phone so you can watch them easily in leisure time or when you are traveling in a car or bus. 

High Quality


You can watch HD movies here free of cost, nonetheless, other websites take time to stream and the quality of movies is not so good. But here on this site, you can have it all for your weekend movie plans.


It has a fast buffering speed hence, provides good movie streaming or downloading.

Dubbed Movies

For the people who love to watch movies from other regions around the world, Bobmovies net provides dubbed movies of other languages. Therefore, You don’t have to worry about your language understanding.


It is one of the best features and also time-saving. This site provides the Top IMDB movies list to save your time and you now do not have to make a list of best-rated movies because BobMovies has already done that for you.

Upcoming Movies or TV shows

Bobmovies net also provides the coming soon option which lets the viewer know about what will be uploaded soon on this site. Users will be aware of what they will be watching next and when.


Trailers are also available on Bobmovies online to let the users decide which show to watch and add to their watch list. It also saves your time, by watching trailers you will get an idea of the movies and if that does not suit your taste then you do not have to watch the complete movie.

Comments and feedback

People can also give their reviews on the website of the movies and shows they like or dislike to let others know. Therefore, it provides a complete package of feedback also.

Web series

The web series section is also provided by this site separately. Here you can stream or download a series of your interests free of cost. Some of the popular series on this site are:

  • Game of throne
  • Stranger things
  • Money heist
  • Dark
  • Friends
  • Riverdale
  • Peaky blinders 


The best thing about this site is that it has a vast amount of categories and enormous movies and TV shows in every genre. This site has sorted categories perfectly to make it readily available for the users. This helps in locating the movies, series, video clips, or shows according to your desire and much faster

The categories include;

  • Comedy
  •  horror 
  • action 
  • thriller 
  • romance 
  • Sci-Fi 
  • Family 
  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Sports
  • History
  • Biography
  • Animation
  • Crime 
  • Adventure
  • Web series 
  • TV series


Users on this site get the privilege of watching free movies in good HD quality either they stream them live or download them. Most of you would be wondering why you should prefer BobMovies or why it is so popular. Let’s have an insight into why it is so popular amongst all the other online movie streaming websites. 

  1. It provides us with top latest movies and also promotes TV shows, songs, web series, and viral video clips online. Moreover, it has a separate section for comedy videos to make the viewer laugh and get entertained as laughter is the best medicine and there is a great saying a day without laughter is a day wasted.
  2. You can watch different types of movies in different best HD quality like 1080P, 360P, and 720P on Bobmovies online.
  3. Downloading is extremely easy and just a click away and here you are watching your most wanted movie on your watch list just in minutes. 
  4. One can explore this site and find plenty of movies and series choices to watch. The categories this site provides help you find the movie according to your mood and taste.
  5. When the site gets blocked it changes its URL so even after getting blocked BobMovies never stops entertaining its users. 

Leaked Movies


Bobmovies online also often leaks the movies soon after their release. It has leaked some of the movies on the day of their first appearance in cinema so you can watch them before any other person that has the craze for movies. It has leaked several blockbuster movies of different genres which are listed below:

  • Forrest Gump
  • Blind date
  • Conjuring
  • Scoob 
  • Silence
  • The Quiet Place
  • Annabelle
  • Avengers: End Game

Download The BobMovies App

For those who are not comfortable in browsing and streaming the movies live they have good news as they can install the BobMovies app and get comfortable. Since websites contain many ads and pop-ups this site has also provided its downloadable app where people can watch movies for free and without any discomfort. You can download the app from the link by searching it on google.

The app has slightly different features from the website. The speed of the app’s downloader is faster than the website and it does not have any pop-ups or ads to block the view multiple times. So the usage of the app is more comfortable and easy than the website.

How To Access? 

Through Mobile (Android)

As this is a video piracy site so it has to face many blocking issues. To access this site follow the steps below;

First, select a virtual private network (VPN) app and change your current location using VPN.

Then after installing the app open it and select the location as United States and afterward check the IP address. After changing the IP address you will have the access to BobMovies website.

Through Desktop

Accessing the site on a desktop is different from mobile. The steps are;

You have to install a VPN extension unlike on mobile where you had to install a VPN app. Moreover, you get the advantage that the VPN does not require any registration. Select the location United States after installing the VPN setup. Now you are free to access the website

How to Download?

If you want to download movies and shows from this Bobmovies online, follow the given steps

  1. Open the website and search for the movie that you want to download. After doing that you will get the desired result.
  2. Now when you see the thumbnail of the movie just click it.
  3. Afterward, the download button will appear on your screen, now you just have to click on that button and it will automatically start downloading.

Links For BobMovies

BobMovies have the greatest collection and vast database for movies and shows. As this site keeps modifying their URLs and domain names below are the links to access this amazing site to download your favorite movies and also inform your movie lover buddies:

  • Bobmovies.net
  • Bob movies.ws
  • Bob movies.to
  • Bobmovies.com
  • Bobmovies.info
  • Bobmovies.us
  • Bob movies.online
  • Bobmovies.cc
  • Bob movies.in
  • Bobovies.net Bollywood

How Does it Work?

A group of people runs this website with a hidden identity because it is a pirated site and keeps on uploading content. The website has worked hard for many years to build this and get popularity. This site collects the huge latest content and uploads it before any other website. The increasing number of users or visitors increases the advertisement on the website and this way the developers of the site earn their profit. 


In brief, BobMovies net uploads all kinds of pirated content and is the most popular website amongst all the other online movie streaming sites. Furthermore, it has visitors from all over the world hence it has gained its popularity. 

It has very advanced features and fast buffering also.  Even if the internet speed is slow on your PC this site still buffers the movie as they are installed on your hard drive. This is the best site that contains a huge list and categories of movies plus it saves your time and money from getting wasted.