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Applications That Students Should Avoid

That Students Should Avoid

Are you tired of your app draining its charge in a matter of minutes? Do you know that some applications are responsible for draining your phone’s battery? In this piece by Dissertation Team, we will discuss a couple of applications that your phone would be better off without. So, follow along as we uncover the applications that are causing harm to your phone’s battery and memory.

Weather Forecasting Apps

Weather forecasting apps are supposed to be plain and simple. Their job is to offer weather forecasts. I mean, their purpose is right there in their name. Unfortunately, however, programmers have turned them into a bunch of charge-draining applications with many unnecessary features. To make matters worse, the users do not even know they exist. 

The programmers use complex algorithms to create a chain of features that do not even help the user. The features, however, work in the background as the application can run even when it is minimized. 

The application is, however, not very crucial; hence you can get rid of it quickly. 

You can, however, use the in-built windows software to check out the weather forecast. It is efficient and does not have any extra unrequired features.

Antivirus and Any Subsidiary Programs 

Discussions are still being held till this date regarding whether smartphones require antivirus software. 

What I would say is, as long as you avoid downloading suspicious software or hacked programs, then you hence do not require to have antivirus software. Furthermore, smartphones are usually secure from hackers since they do not offer root rights to third parties without authorization. So as long as you maintain your integrity, you can safely uninstall the antivirus app. 

Google also has a feature which scans your phone for viruses at all time. When it identifies a bug, it acts quickly to neutralize it; hence an antivirus application would be a wastage of phone space. The applications also have a complex algorithm that causes your phone to slow down while performing its processes. 

If, however, you still feel as though you need an antivirus app, you can install it, use it and then delete it immediately. This will give you some peace which will enable you to stay calm and collected.

Social Media Applications

Many people love accessing social media. As of now, Facebook has the most visits per day, serving millions of people. It is, therefore, logical to say that many of the people who access Facebook are using the site’s official applications. 

It is, however, not necessary; this is because the site is available online. So, you can access it through the regular browser. 

When you access social media sites through your usual browser, you get the same experience you would get when using the application. But, in addition, you get to view the stories, images, and even likes. 

The application, on the other hand, offers notification capabilities. A user-friendly experience. And also messenger services. It, however, slows down the operating system leading to the slagging of the phone’s application as it operates in the background. It also uses up a lot of charge energy hence leading to shorter battery life.

Clean Master

The thought of having a clean smartphone with zero misused bytes is every android users’ dream. The Clean master application is built on these beliefs. However, many of the applications that promise to offer these services are usually lying. They are only trying to market their applications to gain more downloads. In turn, you get an application that is contributing to the misused bytes in your phone. 

To avoid such instances, get rid of all phone cleaning applications. You can then use the application built into the phone to clear caches and memory. The applications do a better job and use up less charge. And since they are in-built, they do not use up a lot of space.

Default Browser

Many manufactures create firmware and then embed browsers to convince you to use them. Unfortunately, most browsers are not safe and might even end up causing harm to your phone. You should hence try your best to avoid them. If you already have them, then get rid of them.

Instead of using such browsers, you should use a browser provided to you by your operating system provider. Chrome also works well.


Phones carry very personal information, and hence keeping them secure and in suitable condition should be prioritized. But all the applications mentioned in this article compromise that. Therefore, you should avoid using them.