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Here’s Latest Tweet of MisterAntiBully


Have you ever been bullied? Or do you promote bullying? Usually, people use platforms of social media to bully others. However, there is one twitter account that opposes bullying and that is MisterAntiBully. If you have not checked his latest tweet yet, we have got you covered. Keep reading to know about his latest tweet.


What Is Bullying?

Let’s see what actually bullying is. Bullying is actually using force or threatening or abusing aggressively to dominate. Furthermore, such acts are usually repeated & habitual. The major cause of such behavior is the perception of an imbalance of physical or social power. However, this imbalance actually distinguishes from conflicts.

So, Bullying is the subcategory of aggressive behavior characterized by the following three factors:

  • Hostile Intent
  • Imbalance of Power
  • Repetition over a period of time

Thus it can hurt another individual physically, emotionally or mentally.

Latest Tweets From MisterAntiBully


MisterAntiBully highly opposes bullying. Do you have any ideas about his followers? Almost more than 59k people follow him on twitter

His latest tweets are all about the current situation of quarantine. In one of his tweets, he has shared how he spends his nights during the quarantine. Also, he is currently discussing the recent case of a tiger that was found COVID-19 positive. 


MisterAntiBully also entertains his followers by discussing new events in the world. That is why his followers are increasing day by day. Very recently he talked about CoronaVirus. You will never feel bored if you once followed MisterAntiBully