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Latest Tweet Of CounterChekist

counterchekist tweet

CounterChekist! Actually this word is representing the defense. Are you also feeling something like this? I feel that it is all about the Counter from Chekism. Is it developing curiosity in your mind? What is Chekism? Let’s take a look.

The Chekism


The Chekism is a common name of All Russian Extraordinary Commission or the first Soviet Secret Police Organization. So, this term used to describe the situation in the Soviet Union where the secret Police used to strongly control all spheres of society. 

Moreover, it is also criticized by current authorities. They blame that the Chekist used to focus on the power enjoyed by law enforcement agencies in contemporary Russia.

Latest Tweet From Counterchekist

Counterchekist has almost more than 113k followers on twitter. Furthermore, he takes a lot more interest in politics. Majority time on twitter he discusses the political arena of the USA. 

He usually criticizes the measures that are usually taken by President Donald Trump. Additionally, he keeps his eyes on the current situation. Like very recently he talked about Noval CoronaVirus.


counterchekist tweet

Do you want to keep yourself updated that what is going on in America? Then keep following Counterchekist. That will not only keep you updated but also you will enjoy it while following.