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All You Need To Know About John Crestani

John Crestani

John Crestani is a young internet entrepreneur. He is a source of motivation and admiration for many. In addition, many people have started their online business by using his tips and teachings. People call him a super affiliate. 

John Crestani

Why do people call John Crestani a Super affiliate? Is he a scammer? These are some random questions people ask. Here is everything you need to know about John Crestani.

Who Is  Mr. John Crestani?

John Crestani is a middle-aged internet affiliate. His birthplace is the United States. He lives in Los Angeles, California. It is estimated that he is 32 years old.

Moving forward to his career, he started his career by himself titled YouTube channel’s content. Later, he started various programs for online business. Gradually, he earned massive popularity for sharing affiliate business discussions and tips for affiliate marketing.

Is John Crestani a Scammer?

Nah, he is not a scammer. 

I know that there are some negative reviews about John Crestani. To be honest, a lot of these reviews are from the people who have not actually followed his courses. They may also have their own agenda.

I am aware that his courses are a bit expensive but it does not mean he is a scammer. He knows that the information he is sharing through the super affiliate system and the internet JetSet is quality knowledge.

To repeat, if you are going to pick one of his courses then I promise that it is worth it. However, keep in mind that only one course is sufficient for your online business. Moreover, a super affiliate system is a course with the bulk of the content.

If you do not want your courses to be expensive. Then, you do not need anything.

Why People Love John Crestani?

John Crestani

It would be inappropriate for me to write about John Crestani without mentioning a bit of why people adore him in the first place.

Simply, he is a personable person. You can say it is one of the reasons why he is so famous on youtube. He is also a person who is aware of how to convey details in such a way that anyone who is new to internet marketing can easily understand. Furthermore, you may have purchased many products from internet marketers before. Not only are they expensive but their information is long and complicated.

To sum up, he is a person who has shown that his methods work. So even when his courses are a little bit expensive, you know that his information has excellence.

Internet JetSet Membership Program

Internet JetSet membership is a program that involves subscription on a monthly basis. This platform teaches you all about online traffic free of cost.  Internet JetSet uses various platforms like Facebook, You-Tube, Google SEO, and other social media platforms.

Basically, it is an entry-level course that includes 12 modules. These modules include: 

  1. How to take advantages of other people’s startups
  2. Basic plan to affiliate marketing
  3. How to choose the perfect affiliate program 
  4. How to sign up for affiliate programs
  5. Principles of copywriting
  6. How to run ads on Facebook
  7. Methods to get traffic on Facebook
  8. Ways to get traffic through video marketing of You-Tube
  9. Building up of a WordPress website
  10. Recognition of the working of google SEO
  11. Ways to create authorized review websites
  12. Get to know the working of a super affiliate system

JetSet Webinars

Once the training as a member of the internet JetSet is completed by John Crestani. You will have to take part in a value-added webinar. This is an opportunity to get all of your queries answered in this regard.

Reasons To Launch Internet JetSet

John Crestani launched this program for the people willing to earn online, having no idea how to start. Besides this, it is a great initiative to teach new techniques to grow your existing online business. Moreover, you can also convert your offline business into online business easily. Thus, John Crestani is a super affiliate who wants to help others make money online.

Super Affiliate System

John Crestani

Super affiliate system 2.0 is his main course. It covers a lot of areas in internet marketing. Additionally, it is a seven weeks course. This course goes to the depth of everything you need to know about internet marketing.

Moreover, there are many people who made a serious amount of cash on the internet by using super affiliate system 2.0. If you want to earn like some of these people, you can take this course. However, you need to keep in mind that his shared information is quite deep.

Furthermore, John has included some helpful little tests to make his students aware of their improvements and what they learn. In order to provide encouragement and motivation, this test is taken.  Of course, you are going to learn a little bit more about how he earns the money he has.

Shocking Things That Create Skepticism About John Crestani

The shocking facts that create skepticism towards John Crestani are:

  • His advertising techniques are like scammer. As he throws money around and makes claims like “ quit your job” or “drop out of school”. 
  • Furthermore, the usage of terms like “quick” and “easy”. Although, inside the membership area, he does not maintain the atmosphere. Instead, he warns about things by saying things like “ it took me four years to earn my first commission!”. 
  • He advises not to expect results too fast or without investing enough effort.


John  Crestani is often taken as a scammer mistakenly. I would say, it is possible because of his ways of teaching. Additionally, his techniques of advertisement are somehow like scammer. Not only his training is easy to follow but his information is successful and full of excellence.

Furthermore, he is engaged in teachings and webinars. And his course methods work if consistent actions are taken. To put it differently, if you want to learn in the fastest way then you must follow an already successful person who John is. Lastly, I would like to say one thing that he teaches the real stuff.