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Know About The Top 15 CEOs in the World

jeff bezos

Being a CEO is a tough job. But to know more about this tough job, you first need to know, “what does CEO stand for”? CEO stands for Chief Executive officer. He is the supreme authority. His services include the area of purchase, finance, human resource, and customer services. Their efficiency and vision flourish the company in the long term. All the leading companies in the world are run by some of the greatest CEOs.

The Top CEOs in The World

Below are fifteen of the world’s topmost CEOs. The rating is based on the annual list published by Harvard Business Review and Business Insider

Schultz is a giant in the coffee business. His most promising decision was to bring the European style of coffeehouses in America. His promising leadership traits lead the company in the coffee industry. As a result, today the annual revenue of Starbucks stands at $10bn. Starbucks is now the example of a great coffeehouse in the world.

what does ceo stand for

Zuckerberg excellence makes him the world’s youngest billionaire. His vision changes the way the world interacts. Moreover, he has won many legal battles against Facebook. Now Facebook is a social media giant. Other than Facebook, Zuckerberg is now also the owner of many companies. 

Chambers became the CEO of Cisco in 1995 by buying many companies like Cerent and Linksys. Moreover, through his leadership, Cisco has become one of the largest technology corporations in the world. As a result of today, the annual revenue of Cisco is as high as $45bn.  Not only this, but its market cap is also amazing, i.e. $87bn.

McMillion serves as the President and CEO  of Walmart Inc. His leadership is all about changing the lives of busy families and customer services. He is also a very environmentally friendly CEO. The company under his leadership avoids 1BMT emission worldwide. Also, he gives immense importance to working women. 

Iger became the CEO of Disney in 2005. After becoming a CEO, he solved the inner issues of the company. Then, he centralized the decision-making process. Among all, the biggest move of Iger was the acquisition of Pixar in $7.4bn. This helped Disney to attain its former reputation in the animation industry.

Bezos’s exemplary vision changed the concept of book stores. It is changing the idea of a conventional bookstore from brick walls to online stores. The startup was about selling books, CDs, DVDs,  computer games. However, Amazon then started to shift its product range including almost everything. As a result, today Amazon is leading the online business with a market cap of $96bn.

what does ceo stand for

Jensen Huang is the proper representation of what does the CEO stands for. He is a co-founder of Nvidia. The company was founded in 1993 and now serves as an AI tiger. He led the company to the utmost sky of success. Now the Nvidia produced chips are used in autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots.

Marc Benioff is the Ceo and co-founder of Saleforce.com. He is also a true representation of what does the CEO stands for. His sheer hard work earns Salesforce as a global CRM leader. Furthermore, his company has been listed as the world’s most innovative company for the 5 consecutive years by Forbes.

Pinault is the CEO of Kering which is a French luxury goods giant since 2005. His extraordinary decision is when he turned Kering into a luxury good company. His farsightedness is the best definition of what does the CEO stand for. No doubt why today his company is the owner of multinational brands. 

Templeton’s story gives a detailed insight into what does actually the CEO stands for. Initially, he was appointed as the employee of the company in 1980. Then his hard work earned him the CEO title of the same company in 2004. As a result, today Texas Instrument is an AI giant. It produces chips and integrated circuits for a wide range of companies. Moreover, these integrated circuits now make a big part in our daily lives. 

Galan is not only the chairman but also the CEO of Iberdrola which is a Spanish electric utility giant. Galan shows excellence in his commitment to sustainability. The company takes pride as the world’s largest producer of wind power. Also, the company owns the thermal, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants. Besides producing electricity, these plants are also reshaping the world’s view of sustainability. 

Narayen’s career is also a sheer example of what does the CEO stands for. From a common employee to the CEO of Adobe, Narayen’s success is extraordinary. His leadership leads the company in the world’s most innovative companies. The proof is the fact that the company’s share took a huge rise from $26bn in 2006 to $133bn in 2019. Besides this, Adobe now is a big name in the office and academic industry.

Since 2010 Banga has been serving as the CEO of Mastercard. Under his leadership, the company’s share skyrocketed from $20bn in 2010 to $76bn today. Banga’s track record also speaks of what does the CEO stands for. 

what does ceo stand for

Nadella is the CEO of the world’s most valuable company, Microsoft. As a CEO, Nadella directed the company’s focus on cloud computing and subscription services. Also, his vision is all about user-friendly services. 

Arnault is the CEO of the French luxury goods giant, LVMH. He also leads the world’s greatest fashion companies. His vision in the arts is exemplary. Furthermore, he created the Louis Vuitton foundation. This firm provides the greatest artistic vision in France. Because of that firm, he changed the artistic vision of the world. In addition to this, the brands his company owns are doing business of billion dollars. 


Being a CEO is a tough and nerve-wracking job. However, all the above-mentioned CEOs define in detail what does a CEO stands for. Sheer hard work, resilience, farsighted vision and persistence are few of the greatest powers of the world’s topmost CEOs. Their excellence earns the companies greater respect and a big chunk of revenue.

Moreover, the farsighted policies of all these CEOs protect the companies from bankruptcy.  All the great companies are only great because of the hardest decision these great CEOs make. They all put great effort into a tough decision-making process.