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Cat Breed Guide – The “Tiger” Toyger

Cat Breed Guide

If we can’t go to see the tigers in the wild, why not bring one to you? The Toyger is a cross between the Bengal cat breed and the striped domestic short-hair. This fusion makes them bear a resemblance to a much smaller version of a Tiger, but without the wild side. Their coat is usually a striped orange and black amalgamation and sometimes unique branched stripes in brown colours that resemble tiger stripes. Hence the name “Toyger”.

If you have adopted one of these magnificent creatures, or are planning to, this guide will give you some understanding into all the basic material you need, to make sure you care for it in the best way possible, so that he or she can live with you for many years to come. 

First and foremost, let’s look at their personalities.

The Personality and Characteristics of a Toyger

Even though these felines are closely related to the Bengal breeds, they are relatively easier to handle in comparison. They do, however, do have one resemblance, which is their high levels of energy, click here to see a few different personality traits, so if you’re looking for a furry companion who is energetic and loves to play with anything, this should be your pet. They love toys, so lavishing them with lots of different types of stuffed, dangling, noisy, electric toys is the best thing to keep them busy.

Besides this they are very easy cats to have around the house, they do not need any special attention per se, and don’t need any supervision either. One thing about them is, they are one of the brainy ones, and if you invest in some animal puzzle games they could spend hours on the, plus you can even teach them a few tricks, just like a dog. 

They are very loving and sociable creatures and enjoy being part of a family and hanging out in the kitchen or family room when everyone is there and love taking a bit of a snooze in your lap or next to you on the sofa. 

Their characteristics range from high levels of affection, adaptability, aptitude, and approachability to children and strangers. What they’re not good at is grooming themselves, and have several health issues which we will look at below. 

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Health Issues of Toygers

Understanding their health issues is a very important aspect of having them as pets, or having any pet for that matter. In general, they are very healthy breeds, and when adopting them as kittens from a breeder, you must always ask to see that they have a health guarantee. One common health condition they are known to have is called “heart murmurs”. To find out why they have a tendency of getting this, you can read the material included here: Thesprucepets. This can be detected during the pet’s routine examination at the vet. 

The symptoms of this are that the heart makes unusual sounds that are an indication of some abnormality within it and this means when there is a high amount of blood being sent to the heart, then a swishing or buoyant sound is heard,

Symptoms of this may include a loss of appetite, leading to weight loss, pale gums and breathing problems and overall, they will seem weaker and lethargic for the day. This condition can be treated, and regular check-ups are needed including a change of diet and nutrition you can go here for more information about what foods to give them and which ones to avoid. 

Their life can span for up to 12 to 15 years if well kept and looked after, including taking them to the vet for routine check-ups every few months. There is one thing about them though, they may not be for everyone. 

Costing up to and often more than $2000, they are labelled as one of the most expensive cats (and pets) to have in the house, so if you have got the right facility and space for them, then by all means having one or a few of them in the home to keep you or your children active and for company, would not be a bad idea. Everything put together, these felines are worth every penny of the price tag on them.

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