Apple’s VR headset and apps

Apple’s VR headset and apps

According to a recent Bloomberg article, Apple's long-rumored VR/AR headset may be able to run modified versions of iPad applications. Users will reportedly be able to access "millions" of already-available apps on the App Store through the new interface of the mixed reality device.

Apple is working on "optimized" versions of apps like Safari and many of the essential iPhone programs you may already be accustomed to, such as "Apple's services for calendars, contacts, files, home control, mail, maps, messaging, notes, photos and reminders, as well as its music, news, stocks and weather apps.”

FaceTime and Apple TV headset versions will be available, and their functionality "will look similar to their iPad counterparts."

Apple is reportedly testing a camera software that would enable you to shoot images with one of the company's numerous alleged cameras.

With the help of an app and Apple Books, you'll be able to read books in virtual reality.

You might be able to work with others in mixed reality using a version of its new Freeform app that is compatible with headsets.Not only will the headset support Freeform, but it also appears to support Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, and GarageBand.

Apple hopes to make sports viewing a "richer experience," and one way to do so is by putting the technology it got when it acquired NextVR to use.

A key component of the device's attractiveness will be gaming. (That seems like a wise choice.)

The apps on the headset might not be the only thing that makes you think of the iPad; according to Bloomberg, the Home Screen and Control Center will also resemble the iPad's.

The headset is anticipated to be officially unveiled by Apple during this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, which begins on June 5. With alleged capabilities like enhanced hand tracking, iris scanning for logins and purchases, and a digital crown you turn to enter and exit virtual reality, the device, which will reportedly cost over $3,000, might be a monster.